Here at SPINE we solve complex problems through intelligent engineering. Form follows function, aesthetics are dictated by technology and the solutions their relationship offers. Science takes center stage. Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Unencumbered by traditional parts and manufacturing processes, we strive to out-think the competition. Globally patented, you can be assured there is no substitute, so don’t accept one.

Continual flex appeal – SPINE hinges grip all day long, morphing to fit any face shape, head size, all with the lightest of touch. Temples open and close smoothly, gradually, without flicking and traditional “dead” points. There are no screws loose here – because there are no screws used in SPINE working mechanics. Accidental impacts are glanced off as SPINE moves in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks thus greatly reducing breakage. Temples shut automatically. Yes, they really do.

The Hinge



Spine has a new and expanded collection with the introduction of the new 4.5 hinge. This hinge has the same performance as the 7.5, just half the size! So, now Spine has two great options. The original 7.5 hinge provides that strong statement which perfectly displays the signature hinge that is unmistakably Spine while the 4.5 hinge gives way to a more subtle and minimalist look. Same performance that you have come to expect from Spine.

Features and Benefits

  • Signature tips offering the same vertebrae engineered technology for grip and reduced slipping.
  • The hinge is now half the size of the original with the same performance.
  • Signature nose pads encased in the highest quality silicone.
  • Signature end piece machine milled to echo the front housing of the hinge creating a seamless integration of temple to front.















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